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In November of 2012 I started a full-time position with Union Metrics as their Content Marketing Specialist. In addition to running the TweetReach Twitter and Facebook accounts, I monitored the Union Metrics Twitter account and ran the UM Facebook page. I also planned and produced content for the TweetReach blog and Union Metrics Tumblr, and contributed overall to marketing strategy on the blogs as well as other content, such as landing pages.

TweetReach Blog: selection of posts

Week in Social Media series: round-up of social analytics + marketing news each week; see author designation at the bottom of the page

TakeFive with TweetReach: interview series with leaders in social media marketing and analytics; see author designation at the bottom of the page 

Twitter Tips:
Brands: Why you should favorite tweets
Using trending topics to your advantage  
Why you should use lists on Twitter

Using TweetReach to monitor a social media crisis

How to Vet Information on Twitter

Using Twitter as a Non-profit

Social Television 
Game of Thrones season 3 premiere on Twitter
Checking in on the 2013 Golden Globes on Twitter and Tumblr: What did fans think?

Union Metrics Tumblr: selection of posts

Verticals on Tumblr:
An eye for Design
DIY Tumblr: Craft (and cook, it turns out) your way across dashboards and into hearts
How's that for a view? Architecture Talk on Tumblr
Movie Talk on Tumblr
Tech Talk on Tumblr: How plugged in are you?

Tumblr Quick Tips Round-up

Product Breakdown Posts:
The UM Reblog Tree
Amplified vs. Direct Reblogs

Social Television 
Arrested Development: Talk on Twitter & Tumblr
Game of Thrones on Tumblr

Tumblr Myths:
Myth #1: Tumblr isn't for businesses
Myth #2: It's only for visually-based brands
Myth #3: Tumblr isn't worth my time

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