Past Work: Blogs

Software Advice

In the Fall of 2012 I began contract writing through Swordfish Communications.

My first client was Software Advice, researching (including pitching and conducting interviews) and writing a lifestyle blog post on solo-practice doctors and the challenges of taking a vacation.

5 Rules for Taking a Vacation as a Solo-Practice Doctor
(This piece was later republished in an Australian digital magazine The Private Practice Magazine in the April 2013 issue.)  

InternView Humor Series

In October 2010, I started contributing a humor guest series to the fine folks of the InternView (part of the InternLyfe network). A sample of a full article is pending permission- until then please enjoy these links!

Intern Life Humor: Why You Might Still Get Hired, In Spite of Everything Going Horribly Wrong

Intern Life Humor: Musical Chairs, a Banana and The Worst Job Ever 

Intern Life Humor: How to Enjoy Your Own Company

Intern Life Humor: The Art of Saying HALE NO to Keep a Sustainable Schedule

Gen Juice Blog 

In 2010 contributed content on a weekly basis to GenJuice- a site that focuses on the entrepreneurial spirit of Generation Y. I wrote under the Arts and Culture section, focusing mainly on books; topics ranged from basic reviews to quote extractions and consequently what those particular words, works and authors can teach us.

On Failure: JK Rowling (GenJuice provided a different title)

On Wizards and Expectations

Hunger Games 

This is Why You're Fat (A Response to the Marie Claire Article) 

Bonus: GenJuice Author Bio