A little more about me.

Lover of Texas, resident of Austin for eight years. Owner of one decidedly rambunctious and evil cat alternatively referred to as "Bad Cat".

Former student of kickboxing at Martial Way Academy and frequenter of Half-Price Books. Favorite authors include Jane Austen, Neil Gaiman, Tamora Pierce, Sandra Hill, Mary Renault, J.R.R Tolkien, J.K. Rowling, Cleolinda Jones, David Sedaris, Philip Pullman, Mark Twain and T.S. Eliot-- to name a few.

Happiest on water, still missing the days spent on Lake Travis with the UT Sailing Team in my college days. Keeper of friends, memories and far too many knick-knacks given as gifts with the best of intentions (let me know if you ever figure out what best to do with a purple crystallized unicorn lamp). Light-hearted regard for unicorns leftover from youth. Collector of coconuts and fauxconuts.

Most of all: woman. person. writer.